Everyone’s Talking About: Black Dynamite

“He’s supercool and he knows kung fu, drives a $1,000 car and wears a $100 suit.” All hail Black Dynamite, the ’70s US kung fu cop forged from the movies of blaxploitation heroes such as Superfly, Shaft and Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song. When the Mob kills his brother and starts selling drugs in his community, Black Dynamite comes out of retirement to bust some dealer ass and clean the place up the only way he knows how.

Black Dynamite

Directed by Scott Sanders and written by and starring kung fu action star Michael Jai White, the movie nails all the elements of the blaxploitation genre – big afros, bad dialogue, nonsensical plots, continuity errors, gratuitous nudity and a funky soundtrack. Jai White was inspired to write the script when listening to James Brown’s ‘Super Bad’ and cobbled together a $500 trailer to try and get the film made.

The makers used the same techniques as the genre’s forebears and, despite working on a tiny budget, were meticulous in keeping that ’70s vibe, using stock footage from TV shows of the era and casting more than a few pornstars to add that extra bit of authenticity…

Black Dynamite has also courted a little controversy over its reinforcement of stereotypes. But not only is a sequel in the planning stages, an animated series is also on its way, meaning this badass is back on the block for a bit longer.