The 5 Biggest Hollywood Risks That Paid off

The world of Hollywood often seems like a minefield of failures, controversies and serious debt, but every now and then, fate turns on its head and staying true to your cause can pay dividends. Sometimes the most ridiculous ideas result in the biggest return on investment – it purely comes down to chance as the studios and producers spin the roulette wheel and hope it lands in their favour. Let’s take a look at some of the most unlikely successes in Hollywood!

1) District 9

Released in 2009 and directed by South African director Neill Blomkamp, District 9 is a multi-national production involving Australia, New Zealand, USA, and South Africa. The film also featured Teri Tatchell as writer and the acclaimed Lord of the Rings team Peter Jackson and Carolynne Cunningham as producer.
With a small(ish) budget of $30 million dollars (at least for a sci-fi action film) no-one really knew what District 9 was, and certainly didn’t expect it to be the massive hit it turned out to be. Grossing an incredible $210 million at the box office and four academy award nominations, it was a success that surprised many in Hollywood.

2) The Matrix

Costing a whopping $63 million dollars to make, The Matrix was a huge risk for producer Joel Silver as directors and screenwriters Lan and Lilly Wachowski only had two movies to their name – neither coming close to the scope or scale of The Matrix. The film was released in 1999 and the rest is history, with the film grossing over $460 million dollars as well as spawning two hugely successful sequels, a series and three video games. Continue reading